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Studio Polices


Smoking is strictly prohibited on the property.


Disclosure of Usage

JosieLea’s reserves the right to take illustrative photographs before, during, and after services are performed for use on website, social media, and promotional materials.  Photographs are used strictly for educational purposes and to show the quality of JosieLea’s Services. No compensation is provided for the use of photographs.


  • All services are by appointment only.  Advanced scheduling (4 – 6 weeks) is highly recommended.  Appointments scheduled outside current hours of service are considered prime, incur an additional premium, and are contingent upon availability.  Hours/Days are subject to change without notice.

  • If you are the first to book on any given day, you must choose the earliest appointment listed for that day.

  • A 48-hour advance notice is required for any/all rescheduling or cancellations.  Failure to provide advance notice will result in a $50 Cancellation fee or a No Show fee (minimum $50 and up to 100% of the value of scheduled service) charged to your account which must be paid before a new appointment is scheduled.

  • Cancellations of Sisterlocks™/Brotherlocks™ and Locks by JosieLea’s establishments will result in the forfeiture of deposit paid. 

  • Client Services begin at the scheduled appointment time.  To ensure each subsequent client is seen at his/her scheduled time, appointments of clients who are 15 or more minutes late are subject to being incomplete or cancelled.  Schedule the appropriate time to complete your service(s) as appointments end based on the amount of time booked.

  • JosieLea’s reserves the right to refuse service to clients with excessive cancellations, no-shows, or tardiness.


  • Due to space limitations and to preserve a safe and tranquil work environment, clients are not permitted to bring children and/or guests to appointments.

  •  JosieLea’s provides natural hair care services to children who are at least 5 years old. A parent’s presence is not necessary during the service; however, a parent must accompany a child during the entire service if the child is uncomfortable with his/her absence.


  • To prevent the spread of sickness and disease, please reschedule your appointment if you have, or are caring for someone who has a communicable disease/illness, including, but not limited to corona virus the common cold, flu, excessive dandruff, inflamed scalp/skin, and lice. Diagnosing and treating certain scalp/skin conditions is outside the scope of practice of JosieLea’s and may require the assistance of a physician.

  • JosieLea’s reserves the right to refuse service and/or reschedule your appointment if you exhibit signs of illness and/or disease.

  • After treatment for all severe scalp/skin diseases, you must present a medical release from your physician before an appointment can be scheduled.

Payment/Installment Payment Plan/Refunds

  • Payment, in full, is due at the time of your service.

  • JosieLea’s accepts cash, CashApp, Venmo, and all major credit cards.

  • Deposits to hold establishment dates are non-refundable.  Unopened products may be exchanged for other products of equal or lesser value; or returned for studio credit towards services.  A dissatisfaction of service rendered must be reported within 5 days of the service and evaluated in the studio within 7 days of the service.  If a satisfactory service resolution cannot be found, the client will receive studio credit towards products and/or other services.

Sisterlocks™/Brotherlocks™/Locks by JosieLea’s Establishments

  • Consultations are required before any Establishment Service.  Consults must be prepaid and last approximately 90 minutes.

  • Hair must be shampooed no more than 24 hours prior to the consultation, air-dried, and free of all products, including but not limited to conditioners and oils.

  • Clients must pay a deposit before an establishment date is scheduled.  Payment of the deposit reserves the establishment day(s).  The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable.  Cancellations of Sisterlocks™/Brotherlocks™ and Locks by JosieLea’s establishments will result in the forfeiture of deposit paid. 

  • The amount of the deposit is 20% of the quoted establishment cost.  The remaining balance is due, in-full, the first day of establishment, at the beginning of service.

  • Establishments are scheduled over two to four days in 10-12 hour per day blocks.  A 1-hour break is provided for lunch, and two 15-minute breaks are provided during the day.  Clients are to bring their own snacks, meals, and beverages.  In addition, clients are strongly encouraged to bring magazines, books, DVDs, music, tablets, laptops and ear/headphones for entertainment.

  • A Sisterlocks™/Brotherlocks™ 3 – 4 week post-establishment follow-up appointment (3rd step in the Package) will be scheduled during the consultation.  Should a client cancel this follow-up appointment, the next scheduled appointment is considered a full retightening and retightening rates will apply.

Sisterlocks™/Brotherlocks™/Locks by JosieLea’s Retightenings

  • Hair must be shampooed no more than 24-hours prior to the service and free of conditioners and/or oils.  Hair that has not been shampooed within 24-hours will be shampooed prior to retightening and a Shampoo Only Service/Braiding & Bundling Service will be added to the client’s current bill, or the appointment will be cancelled and a cancellation fee, payable before rescheduling, will be added to the client’s account.

  • Retightenings are scheduled in 4-8 week intervals.  Retightening schedules are determined by JosieLea’s (not the client) and are dependent upon the client’s hair texture, rate of growth, and type of locks.

  • Locks by JosieLea’s clients are assessed base rates, plus any applicable hourly rates.

  • Retigtening services that exceed four (4) hours are subject to additional hourly fees at the current PrimeTime/Overtime rate.

Transfer Clients

  • For Retightening Services, Transfer Clients are persons who did not have her/his Sisterlocks™/Brotherlocks™/Locks established by JosieLea’s and/or persons who have not had a retightening by JosieLea’s within 12 weeks.

  • To obtain regular retightening rates, Transfer Clients must complete three (3) consecutive appointments at the Transfer Client rate.  Appointments that exceed four (4) hours are assessed a PrimeTime/Overtime rate.



By booking an appointment, you acknowledge you have read and agree to the stated policies.  Any violation of these policies may result in immediate, non-refundable termination of service.

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