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freedom to be me... naturally

About JosieLea's Naturally!

Since being a little girl, I’ve had this love affair with natural hair. The look of it---the coily, puffy, soft “BIGness” of it---fascinated me. I was twenty years old when I received my first relaxer. I had the misconception that a relaxer would make my hair more manageable and easier to care for while attending college. I quickly learned that a relaxer might be more convenient, but not necessarily easier; it was still hard work to maintain healthy hair. I experimented with different cuts and with hair color. There were times when I was happy with my hair and other times not so much. I kept the relaxer for 17 years.

By the Spring of 2007, I’d gotten married, birthed two daughters, lost both of my parents, toiled with a cousin’s cancer diagnosis, and struggled with my life’s purpose. While supporting my cousin during her cancer treatment, I unintentionally grew out my relaxer. I had this mass of thick, coily, puffy, softness--- the hair of my childhood, and my love affair began anew! In the Fall of 2008, I took a journey of faith with a haircare system called SisterlocksTM, and soon realized my purpose... to help others appreciate and love their God-given wavy, coily, curly, kinky...beautiful hair.

I’m a Licensed Cosmetologist, SisterlocksTM Brand Ambassador, Certified SisterlocksTM Evaluator, and trained Cranial Prosthesis Practitioner, specializing in the health and care of natural hair. Partner with me on your journey to a vibrant, lustrous crown of hair! With JosieLea’s, it’s Never A Bad Hair Day.


Owner and Founder of JosieLea's

let praises rise!



I’ve had my sister locks for almost ten years and although I’ve had my ups and downs with them, it was the best decision my mom could’ve made for me. The wake up and go lifestyle is amazing!


I’ve had my locks for 8 years now and it was the best decision ever! They’re low maintenance yet versatile.


I love my locks! I wouldn't trade this lifestyle for anything!


Starting the lock process was the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s very convenient for me with my lifestyle.


I'm one year locked and have loved every step in this journey. Sheconda has been a dream to work with. She invest not only in my hair but; in me as a client.

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