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Since being a little girl, I’ve had this love affair with natural hair. The look of it---the coily, puffy, soft “BIGness” of it---fascinated me. I was twenty years old when I received my first relaxer. I had the misconception that a relaxer would make my hair more manageable and easier to care for while attending college. I quickly learned that a relaxer might be more convenient, but not necessarily easier; it was still hard work to maintain healthy hair. I experimented with different cuts and with hair color.There were times when I was happy with my hair and other times not so much. I kept the relaxer for 17 years.

By the Spring of 2007, I’d gotten married, birthed two daughters, lost both of my parents, toiled with a cousin’s cancer diagnosis, and struggled with my life’s purpose. While supporting my cousin during her cancer treatment, I unintentionally grew out my relaxer. I had this mass of thick, coily, puffy, softness--- the hair of my childhood, and my love affair began anew! In the Fall of 2008, I took a journey of faith with a haircare system called SisterlocksTM, and soon realized my purpose... to help others appreciate and love their God-given wavy, coily, curly, kinky...beautiful hair.

I’m a Licensed Cosmetologist, SisterlocksTM Brand Ambassador, and trained Cranial Prosthesis Practitioner, specializing in the health and care of natural hair. Partner with me on your journey to a vibrant, lustrous crown of hair! With JosieLea’s, it’s Never A Bad Hair Day.


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let praises rise!



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